Fund This!

Here we are, at the end of another month, with nothing but a pathetic token blog entry to show for it.

It turns out my much-delayed downtime hasn’t been all that down for me after all. It’s funding season here in Canada (when isn’t it funding season?) and I’ve been running around helping various productions and production companies try to get their projects off the ground with everybody’s hard-lost taxpayer dollars. Considering their projects amount to three different feature films I wrote or will write, I have a certain personal interest in seeing these applications succeed.

Ah, there’s so much more happening, so much news to report or comment on. I guess it will have to wait, since I’ll be spending tonight writing more funding-support material to tell bureaucrats what’s in a screenplay they would rather read about than actually read.

I’ll just keep it simple and sign off saying, “Boy, I regret getting into that gunfight with Gary Coleman the last time I played Postal. Somehow, I feel responsible.

Eat hot lead, Willis!

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