Necropolis: The Necromancer Thanatography Book One (Published April 2017)

Rip Eulogy is a modern-day necromancer trying to make ends meet in the big city by contacting the dead and recovering lost inheritances. When the police ask for his help identifying a murder victim, it’s the body of a past client he finds lying on the morgue slab. What begins as a single mysterious death leads to a string of killings that promises to culminate in the end of all life on earth.

Epitaph: The Necromancer Thanatography Book Two (Published June 2019)

Rip Eulogy is dead. After being reduced to ashes and buried at sea, the road back to the land of the living is a long and arduous one. Since his demise, things have changed, friends and associates have moved on, and the business of communing with the dead for fun and profit has gotten a lot more complicated with the appearance of another necromancer who is obscenely rich, incredibly powerful, and purely evil.

Sex Tape (Published October 2016)

A hotshot Hollywood publicist races against time to keep her A-list client’s stolen sex tape from going public over the Christmas holidays. Tracking the wayward video to the sleazy underbelly of the Montreal porn industry, she discovers that the property is so hot, some people may be willing to kill for it.


FilmographyeBookcoverWebsiteFilmography (Published August 2016)

A trio of obsessive film buffs are dismayed to learn their favourite movie star, Basil Hendrich, has died after a long, storied career in the business. Embarking on a road trip to visit the grave, a combination of grief and moral bankruptcy leads them to kidnap his corpse for the purpose of making one final movie with the late celebrity. Things spiral out of control when extortion, blackmail and multiple law enforcement agencies become involved in the morbid shoot.


Petty Crimes and Vindictive Criminals (Published November 2019)

Modern Noir Stories That Cross the Line! Sex and violence, always with criminal intent, always with ulterior motives and hidden agendas. Plumb the depths of human sin and avarice with twenty new tales brimming with tough guys and femme fatales, hapless dupes and Machiavellian masterminds.

rawandotherstories600Raw and Other Stories (Published February 2017)

Twenty tales of dark crime, everyday horror, and pitch-black comedy, including “Raw” – a horror/crime story that made it as far as the preliminary ballot for the 2016 Bram Stoker Awards in the category of best long fiction.


hotpenniesebookHot Pennies (Published October 2016)

A night filled with trick-or-treating injuries leads a group of children to plot revenge for a cruel prank perpetrated by Mrs. Worthington, the local mean old lady and suspected witch.

Hot Pennies is a nostalgic journey back to a bygone era of free-range kids, booby-trapped Halloween candy, and nights spent waiting in the ER for stitches, bandages, and broken bones that need setting. This is sure to amuse those who like their Halloween festivities to come with a unhealthy dose of vengeance.

Choke the ChickenChoke the Chicken (Published April 2016)

A young boy who fancies himself the master of all carnival games meets his match when he squares off against The World’s Smartest Chicken.

Previously published in The Exile Book of New Canadian Noir from Exile Editions.

Carrion Luggage_smallCarrion Luggage (Published January 2016)

Security personnel at a busy airport stumble across a voodoo curse when human bones are discovered in a passenger’s luggage.

Previously published in Island Dreams: Montreal Writers of the Fantastic from Vehicule Press and reprinted in Black Chaos: Tales of the Zombie from Exter Press/Big Pulp.

An Ace for the AgesThe Red Baron: An Ace for the Ages (Published January 2016)

A collection of three magazine articles about Manfred von Richthofen, the famed Red Baron of World War I. Originally written for Aviation History, Legends of Flight, Dog World and American Eulogy, each part of the series focuses on a different aspect of Richthofen’s life: from a career overview, to a look at his iconic triplane, to his life with his pet Great Dane, to his multiple burials and funerals following his final battle in 1918. Often reprinted, An Ace for the Ages was acclaimed as one of the best condensed biographies ever published about the most enigmatic figure of combat aviation.