Shane’s short stories have appeared in anthologies of the book and magazine variety. Here’s a list of where to find his prose the next time you’re scouring a used book store, garage sale, or recycling bin. Or you could just skip the challenge of the hunt and look online at Shane’s Amazon Author Page or his Goodreads Author Page where you’ll find links to both physical and eBook editions for sale.

The Art of Sherlock Holmes: Global Edition II (Published by MX Publishing, June 2020)

“The Song of the Mudlark” is reprinted with a new painted illustration by Abdelaziz Haounati.

The Art of Sherlock Holmes: Global Edition I (Published by MX Publishing, January 2020)

“The Adventure of the Melting Man is reprinted with a new painted illustration by Dan Arcus.

The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part XVI: Whatever Remains…Must Be the Truth (Published by MX Publishing, November 2019)

“The Adventure of the Intrusive Spirit” – Sherlock Holmes employs the unique skills of Wiggins to help determine the true nature of a ghostly apparition that seems to pass through solid walls.

The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part XIII: 2019 Annual (Published by MX Publishing, May 2019)

“The Adventure of the Ambulatory Cadaver” – Wiggins turns to Sherlock Holmes for help when he discovers a dead man lying in the London streets. Only the great detective can hope to track a corpse that keeps relocating itself every time Wiggins tries to show someone the body.

The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part IX: 2018 Annual (Published by MX Publishing, May 2018)

“The Adventure of the Old Boys’ Club” – Wiggins is dispatched to the Diogenes Club to draw Mycroft Holmes out of his lair with news that Sherlock is working on a case that may rock the British Parliament with unspeakable scandal.

The Binge-Watching Cure (Published by Claren Books, March 2018)

“Ashes to Ashes” – A married pair of dapper necrophiles become obsessed with a mystery when a dead stranger wills them his mortal remains and leaves a trail of clues in order to manipulate them from beyond the grave.

Betty Fedora Issue Four: Kickass Women in Crime Fiction (Published by Betty Fedora, December 2017)

“Crocodile Tears” – An inconsolable mourner at an unloved man’s funeral draws the ire of his widow, making her suspect foul play or worse.

The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part VII: Eliminate the Impossible (Published by MX Publishing, October 2017)

“The Adventure of the Mind’s Eye” – Sherlock Holmes debunks the supernatural abilities of a spiritual medium, only to discover one of his own associates working behind the scenes of the con game.

The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part VI: 2017 Annual (Published by MX Publishing, May 2017)

“The Adventure of the Cat’s Claws” – A mysterious mauling at Ronder’s Wild Beast Show suggests murder, but when Holmes is not officially engaged to discover the truth, Wiggins steps in uncover the tawdry affair behind “The Veiled Lodger” – one of the final stories from the original Conan Doyle canon.

mxsherlockjapanThe MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories (Published in Japan, March 2017)

The third printing of “The Song of the Mudlark” – this time in Japanese, but still for the benefit of the Stepping Stones school at Undershaw.

holmesawayfromhome2Holmes Away from Home, Adventures from the Great Hiatus – Volume Two: 1893-1894 (Published by Belanger Books, December 2016)

“The Adventure of the Melting Man” – With Sherlock Holmes’s return from his purported demise only hours away, Mycroft and Wiggins make final preparations for the grand revelation that will also see the arrest of Professor Moriarty’s deadliest agent.

silentscreamscoverSilent Screams: An Anthology of Socially Conscious Dark Fiction (Published by Serpent & Dove Speculative Fiction, October 2016)

“Raw” – A mob boss arrives in a gourmet restaurant late one night for a private dinner and demands the chef prepare a selection of exotic meats for him, all of them raw.

jaicoeditionThe Haunting of Sherlock Holmes and Other Stories (Published by Jaico Books, 2016)

The “other stories” includes a reprint of “The Song of the Mudlark” (listed below). This is the first volume of a series that splits up and reissues The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories for a whole new market. Only available for sale in the Indian sub-continent.

taboospecialissueTaboo Special Issue (Published by Morpheus Tales, July 2016)

“One Last Time” – A frail housewife finds herself pinned under her hulking husband for days after he dies in the throes of passion.

illuminatiatmydoorIlluminati at My Door (Published by Black Books Publishing, May 2016)

“Bayonet Baby” – Wars aren’t started by shots fired or borders crossed. They’re started by carefully scripted pieces of propaganda. Originally scheduled to appear in the cancelled anthology, Weird War, in 2012, the story was expanded for inclusion here.

bumpscoverBumps in the Road (Published by Black Bed Sheet Books, March 2016)

“The Last Seven Miles and Home” – Efforts to hide the evidence of a hit-and-run accident are complicated by the dead victim who comes along for the ride.

bettyfedoraissuetwoBetty Fedora Issue Two: Kickass Women in Crime Fiction (Published by Betty Fedora, December 2015)

“Heads Will Roll” – Ruby is a simple girl, with a simple plan: collect enough roadkill heads to earn her keep.

playgroundoflosttoysPlayground of Lost Toys (Published by Exile Editions, December 2015)

“When the Trains Run on Time” – Two young brothers discover their model train set doesn’t just go in circles, it travels through time as well.

outofthegutterFlash Fiction Offensive (Published by Out of the Gutter Online, November 2015/February 2017)

“Black Ink” – Some tattoo designs are reserved for a very exclusive clientele.

“It’s All on You” – Getting a friend to help you move a body is a favour that always comes with strings attached.

newsherlocksealThe MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part I: 1881 – 1889 (Published by MX Publishing, October 2015)

“The Song of the Mudlark” – Wiggins, head of The Baker Street Irregulars, brings Sherlock Holmes a mystery from the ignored and forgotten underbelly of Victorian London. This story appears in Part One of a three-volume set of new Holmes stories, the largest ever assembled. Royalties go towards the Undershaw Preservation Trust, restoring the house where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote many of his most famous tales, and Stepping Stones, a school for children with learning difficulties that now owns the building.

lockedandloaded2Locked & Loaded – Both Barrels Vol. 3 (Published by One Eye Press, April 2015)

“Young Turks and Old Wives” – The watchdogs of the 82nd Street Cartel share tall tales and ghost stories about a legendary criminal who is more real than any of them suspect.

exilecanadiannoirNew Canadian Noir (Published by Exile Editions, March 2015)

“Choke the Chicken” – A young boy who fancies himself the master of all carnival games meets his match when he squares off against The World’s Smartest Chicken.

shotgunhoney2 Shotgun Honey (Published by One Eye Press, 2014 – 2015)

“Table d’hôte” – An intermediary introduces his friend to a hitman known only as “The European” in order to discuss murder over dinner.

“The Spare” – A self-described thug delivers a message that won’t soon be forgotten.

“The View from Inside the Pocket” – Dirty politics aren’t just for the big-ticket names. Sometimes it’s the nobodies who need to get dragged down into the muck before they become somebody.

blackchaoscoverBlack Chaos: Tales of the Zombie (Published by Big Pulp, June 2014)

“Carrion Luggage” – A reprint of the story that originally appeared in Island Dreams in 2003 (listed below).


Weird War, the anthology that might have been, never was, but might yet be. Or not.Weird War (Scheduled by War of the Words Press, 2012)

“Bayonet Baby” – Originally set to appear in this cancelled anthology, the story was later expanded and placed in Illuminati at My Door (above). So why include a book that was never published in this list? Two words: awesome cover.



islanddreamsIsland Dreams: Montreal Writers of the Fantastic (Published by Véhicule Press, April 2003)

“Carrion Luggage” – Security personnel at a busy airport stumble across a voodoo curse when human bones are discovered in a passenger’s luggage.

arrowdreamsArrowdreams: An Anthology of Alternate Canadas (Published by Nuage Editions, December 1997)

“Misfire” – Air ace Roy Brown catches up with his destiny in post World War II London. Arrowdreams won a Prix Aurora Award in 1999.

caliberpresentsCaliber Presents #24 (Published by Caliber Press, 1991)

“The Frame’s Edge” – A documentary filmmaker is commissioned to make propaganda about a new world leader he finds abhorrent.

Quark #1 (Published by Emru Townsend, 1989)

“Probe” – A hard-boiled detective meets his sexy new client who proves to be a woman of impossible dimensions.