Although both sides of his family come from England, Shane Simmons was born and raised in Canada. He enjoys the cold, hates hockey, and has never seen a moose or a beaver in person. His citizenship is therefore ever in question and the constant threat of deportation looms.

Originally from Lachine, a suburb of Montreal most famous for being massacred by the Iroquois in 1689 and less famous for having it coming, Shane earns a living in the film industry, scripting home movies and directing security camera videos. Despite all odds, he has become a successful writer, bravely overcoming his mental and physical impairments of laziness and illiteracy. He currently lives beyond his means in the big city, and sustains himself on handouts and the lunch money he steals from grade school kids.

Mr. Simmons is a biped and an insect-rights activist. He thinks breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which is why he has it three times a day. His favourite colour is plaid, and he is widely considered the life of any party attended by one or fewer people.

This time next year he plans to be a year older.

Additional factual information can be had at Shane’s Internet Movie Database Page, his Amazon Author Page and his Goodreads Author Page.

From time to time, Shane is contacted by fans wracked with guilt over having engaged in the piracy of his work. Whether they’ve downloaded an unofficial scan of one of his comics on The Pirate Bay, watched a dozen hours of his cartoons streamed on YouTube, or stolen a first draft of his current project after beating him and leaving him for dead in a ditch, they now find themselves experiencing a twinge of remorse for having enjoyed some free entertainment at the expense of a struggling artist who unwisely chose the path of the writer as opposed to growing the hell up and getting a real job like the rest of us.

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