Student Bodies

Telescene, 1997 – 1999, broadcast on YTV and Fox

Bearing no relation to the 1981 slasher-film parody of the same name, this was Shane’s first real gig in the industry. Reportedly aired in forty different countries and dozens of languages, this teen sitcom about a group of high school kids who publish an underground comic/newspaper included plenty of romantic dalliances that accounted for its soap-opera following among the 10 to 16-year-old target demographic. Shane wrote two of the sixty-five episodes. Bits and pieces of his work also appeared in the obligatory clip show episode, for which he once earned a royalty cheque for eighteen cents. Despite warnings to the contrary, he spent it all in once place.

Career Day (original air date: March 21, 1998)

After receiving the results of their aptitude tests, Mrs. Morton decides to let the gang run the school for a day according to their predicted occupations.

The Boys of Edison (original air date: November 21, 1998)

The guys face off after the girls create a competition to see which one of them will make it into their high school pin-up calendar.

Kiss and Tell (original air date: 1999)

A game of kiss-and-tell leads to a string of flashback clips from past episodes detailing the gang’s various romantic encounters.