Angry Comics Volume One — Minicomics

Angry Comics #1

Debut issue, featuring: Why I Will Never Go Bald; The Angel; Labels; Curiosity

Angry Comics #2

Double-sized second issue special, featuring: Classics Butchered: The Death of Ivan llych; Great Intellectual Conversations of Our Time; Mr. Evil Comes Out to Play; The Adventures of Superman During Puberty

Angry Comics #3

To Hell With the Obscenity Laws issue, featuring: Vacation of the Damned; Great Cosmic Conversations of Our Time; A Smutty Comic; Longshot Comics: A Little Romance; The Next Big Thing

Angry Comics #4

Canadian Content issue, featuring: Suburban White Kids; Name Game; Night of the Couch Potatoes; Classic Barf Stories; Morning

Angry Comics #5

Extra Tasteless issue, featuring: Cooking With Jeffrey Dahmer; Appeasing the Gods

Angry Comics #6

Double-sized annual, featuring: The Costumes Hidden at the Bottom of Mr. Dressup’s Tickle Trunk; Confused Couch Potatoes; In the End; Easy Trucker; Couch Potato Inaction Figures; That Time of Year

Angry Comics #7

Behind the Scenes issue, featuring: Classics Butchered: Jane Eyre; How Minicomics Are Made; Couch Potatoes in Heat; Mime Bashing

Angry Comics #8

My Stupid Opinion issue, featuring: Man on the Street: Why Did You Buy the Madonna Book “Sex”? and How Do You Feel About the Blue Jays Winning the World Series?; It’s All the Rage; More Great Moments in Nostalgia; Man on the Street: How Did You Vote on the Charlottetown Accord Referendum?

Angry Comics #9

Last Minicomic issue, featuring: Mr. Evil Goes to the Show; St. Nick in Boot Camp

Angry Comics Volume Two — Digests

Angry Comics #10

Love Bites issue, featuring: A Couch Potato Dilemma; Great Unrequited Loves of My Life; The Funny Page: Mr. Amoeba; The Relationship Re-evaluation Quiz; Musical Signs; Man on the Street: What Do You Think of Malcolm X’s Message?; Breaking Up Is Fun to Do; The 1992 Infomercial Awards; Classified Ads; The Madonna Supermarket Ride

Angry Comics #11

Hangin’ Around Downtown issue, featuring: It’s On; Lesser-Known Montreal Fests; Shock Me!; Select Montreal Landmarks; Montreal Made Easy

Angry Comics #12

The Big Book of Bad Asses issue, featuring: Discriminating Couch Potatoes; Today’s P.C. Terminology Update; Real Mountie: The Fluffy Pink Paw of Justice; Mr. Evil Samples Fine Cuisine; The Kiddie Page: Bad Ass Paper Doll; Excitable Couch Potatoes; Wacky Tricks to Play on Your Neighbours #14: Drawing in the Snow with Mike; Classics Butchered: Lord of the Flies; Suburban White Kids: Idle Minds; TV Hunting with Elvis; Dave’s Zombie Stomp; Political Couch Potatoes; The Comic Shop of Horror

Angry Comics #13

Spring Potato Harvest issue, featuring: Couch Potatoes in: Oprah Roulette; The All-Crime Newlywed Game; Speculative Couch Potatoes; Magic Alistair; Obsessive Couch Potatoes; The First Day of Summer; Connoisseur Couch Potatoes

More Minicomics

Couch Potatoes #1

Disaster strikes the lethargic duo when the remote control batteries go dead. Drama! Suspense! Muscular atrophy!

No Fixed Abode: The Squalids Book One

Collecting all the original Squalids strips in one volume, featuring: Run Dry; Child Labour Daycare; Fond Memories; House Guest; Good to the Last Drop; Dance Till You Drop; A Night In; A Weekly Ritual; Intimate Moments; Romance in the 90’s; Birthin’ No Babies – Part 1; Birthin’ No Babies – Part 2; Two Minute Notice; On the Road Again; The Adventures of Fluffy the Chia Pet. Not for the faint-of-heart.

Lil’ Elder Williams #1

The ongoing story of the little boy no one loved who got trapped down a well. It’s comedy at the expense of the less-fortunate!

Minicomic Reviews

Great stuff. Couch potatoes, heartbreak, loneliness, self-reproach, anger and sheer meanness and it’s all so funny. Sure it’s offensive and loutish and if you’re the sensitive, PC type, you’ll no doubt be even more offended. Even better. (Shane) runs an ongoing strip, “Couch Potatoes” that never fails to elicit a laugh, plus some other bits including the shocking “Real Mountie the Fluffy Pink Paw of Justice,” about Canadian cops in bunny suits. Throughout, he sprinkles editorial comments, wise-cracks and lists.

— Mark Frischman, Factsheet 5

Shane has an odd sense of humor that grows on you. (Issue number six) was brilliant. His wit and humor strike hard and funny. This is the stuff of small press legend. A fun series — check it out!

— Ian Shires, Self Publisher

What do you mean you’ve never heard of Shane Simmons? He’s one of my favourite cartoonists in the universe.

— Dave Sim, Cerebus

Shane has a great art style that is helped along by some off center story telling. When Mr. Simmons has the space to expand on his humor, he does a wonderful job with the story and artwork.

— Lynn Hansen, City Limits Gazette

The funniest mini-comics to come to the TWMailbox (are) always the Shane Simmons entries.

— TWM Grove, F.P.O., The Comics Buyers’ Guide

This ranks among some of the funniest small press material I’ve seen. Although this is primarily an anthology of gag strips by the artist, as the series progresses, many of the characters return as regulars. As a result, a definite self-contained universe, filtered through the eyes of Simmons, begins to take shape. You definitely get your money’s worth!

— Randy Reynaldo, WCG Notes