Frankenstein Reassembed: Monster

In 1999, Shane was approached by fellow Montreal comic artist, Éric Thériault, to participate in a proposed anthology that would tell new stories about Frankenstein’s monster throughout various periods in history. The script for “Monster” was completed soon after and given to illustrator Gabriel Morrissette, who worked on the project on and off for several years, even after the original publisher of the book backed out.

Éric continued to hunt for support, never giving up on the Frankenstein Reassembled project. Gabriel completed his final version of the artwork in 2004, expanding the original page count from 10 to 14 pages in order to give his drawings more space to breathe. Meanwhile, the work of other writers and artists continued to be gathered for the book everyone hoped would one day see the light of day.

Finally, in 2010, Les 400 Coups Rotor published Frankenstein Réassemblé. A full-colour French translation of “Monster” was featured, part of which also adorned the back cover. Unfortunately, due to a printing error, page 11 went to press without any of the text bubbles that there supposed to be there. These things happen in the publishing biz. It probably read fine anyway. Éric’s copious apologies were appreciated but unnecessary.

With Les 400 Coups owning the publishing rights for two years, Shane struck a deal with Gabriel to host “Monster” on his website once all rights reverted to them. Presented now, for the first time complete, in its original language, and in glorious black and white, is Frankenstein Reassembed: Monster, a tale of 1888 London.