Money Talks

Money Talks #1

Artwork from international paper currency comes to life in this tale of backstabbing and greed in a small industrial town. This issue: Albert Warfield turns heads as he arrives in Evansville for the funeral of his murdered brother. Published by Slave Labor Graphics.

Money Talks #2

The Warfield will is read and a fortune passes hands. With the boss dead and buried, there’s a whole new butt to kiss and no time to waste. Couples pair up for romance and scheming, while George’s board of directors plots against everyone.

Money Talks #3

Albert and Ellie hit the town to spend some of the newly-inherited wealth. George learns about the unforeseen random element that’s been slipped between him and his master plan. And scandal brews amongst the Warfield women as Andrea enters into an affair with someone who is both one of THOSE and one of THEM.

Money Talks #4

Polite embarrassment is the order of the day as Evansville’s newest couples wake up from a night of passion. Can the local bureaucrats put a damper on true love, or will the love of money destroy any blossoming relationships? Featuring an all-new Longshot Comics story.

Money Talks #5

Albert takes the reins at Warfield Enterprises, but not before George has his goons bring him in for a friendly chat between competitors. Featuring another all-new Longshot Comics story.

Full set of Money Talks #1-5

A complete set of all five issues of Money Talks can be purchased for $25 USD, postage included.

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