I have reached a state of clear. And not in that creepy Church of Scientology sort of way.

The last eight months of my life have been non-stop work and contractual obligations. After writing nine more episodes of Kid vs. Kat, a feature film treatment, two Telefilm applications, and a not-so-short short story, I’m finally past all my deadlines.

Now, at last, I have time to comment about the pressing issues of the day. To think of all the Earth-shattering world events that have passed this blog by without so much as a single snarky cheap shot from me. Like Larry King Live’s 25th Anniversary coinciding with Larry King’s 25th divorce. Or Lindsay Lohan’s exploding cocaine shoes. Or Sandra Bullock’s black baby that she just adopted from Madonna. Oh well, I’m sure there are plenty of celebrity deaths and shitstorms yet to come this year. I’ll just have to console myself with that happy thought.

Oh God, please tell me we’re going to get a leaked sex tape out of this. Because hey, necrophiles need celebrity sex tapes too.

Safety tip, kids! When you hide your eight ball of coke in the toe of you shoe, make sure your toe nails are trim or you might burst the baggie.

The kid’s face says it all.

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