Cartoon Jamboree

As mentioned, a whole new round of Pucca has been ordered up by Jetix and scripting should begin in only a matter of days. But that’s not the only cartoon work that’s keeping me busy. I’m currently working on Ricky Sprocket, Showbiz Boy, a new series from the creators of Bob and Margaret. Poking fun at the Hollywood machine so famous for swallowing child actors whole seems an obvious fit for me. So far I’m under contract for two, but we’ll see if I can snag any more before all the first season slots are filled.

More of my recent cartoon work has cropped up on the web, this time legitimately. March Entertainment has a second website that has started hosting episodes of Yam Roll. One of mine –  Secret Roommate Man – was selected to be among the first three offered to the steaming public. Split into two parts, you can find it and other Yam Roll adventures here. Merchandise tie-ins are promised in the near future and I’ll have to decide if I want my very own Yam Roll plush toy to commemorate my time spent in the Happy Kingdom.

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