Imitation – The Sincerest Form Of Flattery; Theft – The Greatest Mark Of Legitimacy

I have arrived.

Seeing my work made available to pirates around the world is heartening. The fact that someone took the time and bother to make a video capture of one of my Fries episodes and upload it to a bittorrent site fills me with a sense of accomplishment as great, if not greater, than when I submit my quarterly taxes to reaffirm my status as a contributing, exploited member of society. Out of the fifty-two episodes of Fries With That? currently in the can, only my episode “While Supplies Last” has surfaced on the web. Although I’d like to think this is the result of my writing being so sharp, my nuanced plot being so intriguing, and my keen sense of social satire being so irresistibly witty, it probably has more to do with the actual subject matter of this one particular episode. Being about nerd culture, it appeals to the same nerd culture that fuels the online piracy industry. The psychological aberration that leads an otherwise genetically stable human being into an obsession with fantasy, science fiction and comic books also leads them towards a symbiotic relationship with their home computers. It’s these people who become obsessed with digitizing everything they hold near and dear (like the aforementioned fantasy, science fiction, and comic book products) and making it part of the great hive brain we call the internet.

I fully encourage you to go download it. If enough people swap this file, I’ll have staked out another tiny claim to immortality in cyberspace. Perhaps, in time, it might even overtake the most pervasive thing I’ve ever contributed to the internet (before there was even a web), that bloody Mr. Pink transcript from 1992. This thing has been bouncing around for twelve years now in various incarnations, and has lately picked up some accompanying sound files to backup my findings. One day I’d really like to accomplish something that will serve as a better legacy for my existence on Earth.

Busy? Yeah, I’m busy. I’m now in full-swing draft mode for the new show I’m working on and have to come up with two hours worth of must-see TV over the next month and a bit. People from the Irish end of the project flew into town and forced me to partake of more fine food and expensive wine as we addressed broadcaster concerns about our material so far. It wasn’t all dinners and conference room marathons, though. I also got to spend part of last week hanging out with real-life gangsters in the name of research because the show we’re developing is about the Irish mob. I keep saying we should be developing a show about nymphomaniac strippers so I could research that instead, but so far, no dice. I really don’t understand that because everyone wants to watch more television about nymphomaniac strippers. The concept sells itself. One day those producer people will listen to reason.

The ’04 campaign in the States has entered the stretch, and the political rhetoric has reached a pitch so shrill only dogs can still hear it. As America settles down to decide which war criminal it likes best, there’s an awful lot of contradictory statements and shifting positions to sort through. Despite the sheer volume of bullcrap in this shitstorm, I have to award the hypocrite of the week award to none other than… Saturday Night Live.

Following last week’s very public outing of Ashlee Simpson as a lip-syncher on their own show, the cast of SNL spent a good chunk of this week’s show tearing her a new one over the whole embarrassing incident. Sure, she deserves a good roasting, but it’s not like SNL itself holds the moral high ground in this case. Are they trying to suggest they weren’t complicit in the affair, or that Lorne Michaels somehow didn’t know he was booking an act that had no intention of uttering a word that wasn’t safely pre-recorded? Please. You can bet any sum of money that the guy who pressed the “play” button during Ashlee’s segments was a unionized employee of NBC, and that everyone on the show knew the score, from the pages in the monkey uniforms on down to both token black guys who get no air time. Everyone except Amy Poehler. I have to believe she was out of the loop because I could never believe dear, sweet Amy was part of such a nefarious deception.

I very much doubt this was the first case of lip-synching on the show, but following such an obvious cock-up, perhaps it will be the last. And then maybe, maybe the “live” in Saturday Night Live will apply to the musical portion of the show as well.

Have a happy Hallowe’en folks because in two more days, that’s when things will truly get scary.

They're my ticket for '04

On November 2nd, vote Kerry. His daughters are hotter.

4 thoughts on “Imitation – The Sincerest Form Of Flattery; Theft – The Greatest Mark Of Legitimacy

  1. It doesn’t seem to be there anymore. Or at least, it doesn’t show up on the Search page. Do you still have the .torrent file?

  2. A search for “fries with that” at should come up with the file. I just checked, and it’s still there, currently with two seeders.

  3. Okay, got it. Weird, it seems to come and go on Suprnova. You might consider archiving the .torrent for posterity or something

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