Missing Links And Throwbacks

Whenever possible, I like to slip the latest links of note into my blog in as unobtrusive a way as possible. This means mixing them with links both positive and rewarding, as well as those that are utterly meaningless and silly. Lately, there have been a few that I’ve been really anxious to point you at, but unable to find a reasonable way to work them into the conversation. So let me be purely crass for a moment and tell you, point blank, where to go.

Superhero geeks may know all about the fanboy favourite Batman films out there, namely Batman: Dead End and a mock trailer called World’s Finest. But I’ve been shocked at the general lack of discussion about the Greyson trailer, certainly the best example of this geek subgenre. Another mock trailer for a film that doesn’t and (in many ways, sadly) will never exist, D.C. comics fans should have orgasms over the number of cameo appearances sprinkled throughout. Most others will consider it shamelessly overdone. Nevertheless, there’s more heart and soul in these five minutes of superhero ecstasy than in just about any Hollywood feature counterpart.

I’m sure you’re all aware that BBC radio has reunited the original cast (minus the one dead guy) to do two new seasons of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Due to Douglas Adams also being inconsiderately dead, the new material is derived from the last three books of his Hitchhiker series. As such, they don’t match up with the continuity of the original radio plays, but why split hairs on a project that is, otherwise, so very positive? You can stream the most recent broadcast here, although you’ll probably have to hunt the net if you want to listen to the previous episodes.

While I’m at it, I’ll also direct your mouse pointer at the latest Star-Wars inspired bit of Flash fun. This, like the Star Wars films themselves, has been reduxed to death from the original creation. The only way these guys differ from Lucas is that they’ve managed to improve their work instead of detract from it. It is, of course, a bit hip-hoppy for my tastes, but I feel obliged to link to it since it was submitted to me by my friend Rosalind. I’ve linked to everything else she’s ever emailed me because, unlike the legions of unconscionable spammers out there, she always sends me cool stuff. You may remember this one from a much earlier blog entry. Well, she was the person who found it and correctly identified it as something I would think is neat.

Rosalind, bless her black heart, also sent me this link to The Exorcist — as performed in 30 seconds by bunnies. I think it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Then we have an interview with Fred Dekker. Fred remains one of my favourite genre writer/directors, although he’s been largely marginalized by Hollywood for years. Responsible for classics like Night of the Creeps and The Monster Squad, I continue to pull for him and whatever project he may currently be trying to bring to life. Frankly, before this, I’d never seen a single interview with him, so when I found this one I became all titillated. Okay, it doesn’t take much. But my tits were most definitely lated.

I’m not one for jokes. Really. I don’t like it when someone says, “Hey, did you hear the one about…” or “Knock knock…” or “A priest, a rabbi and a monk walk into a bar…” But I have to ask you, just this once — Did you hear the one about the Newfie who tried to support his drug habit by stealing cheese? NB: Newfie jokes are the Canadian equivalent of Polish jokes and are equally unfunny. There’s no worthwhile punch line here either, so just file this one under, “Huh?”

Feel free to add your own favourite hot links of note to the comments section. And should I ever again fall too far behind in bringing you the latest in web-browsing nonsense, by all means badger me for more.

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