Nobody tells me anything.

Two years ago, there was a mini reunion for Radio Active, a show I wrote 14 episodes of back in the late ‘90s. I have a lot of fond memories of those hectic two years when I was brought on board for the second season. Writing the last episode of season two, and the first of season three, I was the only member of the cast or crew who had no downtime. And I was glad for the work. It allowed me to commit to buying a house and get the hell out of an apartment building that was determined to burn itself down.

Radio Active was a show so cheap, there wasn’t enough of a budget to have all the cast members on the same episode at once. Fittingly, this reunion only features three of the cast. But it was fun to hear their uncensored accounts of what went on behind the scenes, including some anecdotes I was blissfully unaware of. Like who was caught doing coke in the bathroom.

There are plenty of clips from my episodes sprinkled throughout. Oh, and I get name-checked once.

Claim to fame.

Maybe one day I’ll share some of my own scandalous anecdotes. Unless someone slips me hush money.