The Glitch on Ninety-Six

Crisis Actor has been out for over a month, but I haven’t done much of anything to announce or promote it until today. After grappling with a weird PDF glitch on page ninety-six of the paperback for too many rounds of proof copies, I just wanted to wash my hands of the whole project for a while before facing the prospect of running ads for it.

And then I had to put down Inheritance Dog because he’d evolved into one gigantic cancerous tumour that looked like the Husky monster from The Thing.

I was in the mood for a break. So much of a break, my entire creative-writing output for the month of April was twelve words. Twelve. I know, I counted. Twice.

Getting over a hurdle of grief and atrophy has become routine, but fuck me it’s been a lot of those hurdles in a row. I keep hoping I can get back up to speed for a good stretch, but I haven’t been able to get six months down the road before tripping over another disaster.

So…speaking of relentless personal tragedy, who wants to pick up a copy of a brand-new funny book full of wacky conspiracy theories and shenanigans?

Yeah, not my best segue to sell you something. So how about I just give it away for free?

Today and tomorrow only, Crisis Actor is a free ebook on Amazon. It’s currently at the top of the charts for satire fiction, political thrillers, and conspiracy thrillers. All you have to do to be a best seller in any given category is give away a thousand copies of your book in the first few hours of a promotion and voila! Admittedly, doing that eliminates the “seller” aspect of “best seller” but if that’s the term Amazon uses to describe my book, who am I to argue?

That only leaves one outstanding bit of unfinished business. What the hell is this Project S.E.E. I’ve been on about?

All will be revealed very soon. So soon, I might as well tell you what my ridiculous acronym stands for and what the absurd new genre I’ve come up with is.

Project S.E.E. stands for Streampunk Epistolary Espionage.

No, really. I’m serious.

You’ll understand better when you see it.

3 thoughts on “The Glitch on Ninety-Six

  1. Sorry for your loss of Inheritance Dog… and for your roadblocks in general. Hope things will perk up soon! Btw, love the cover of Crisis Actor. Looking forward to reading the S.E.E. thing.

  2. Sorry for your loss of your Dog. That’s hard.

    Hope things get better soon.

    Crisis Actor sounds fun. I buy the book, so you earn something. Probably not enough.

    Best wishes!

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