Black Chaos

One of my old short stories has just been reprinted in a new anthology of zombie yarns from Big Pulp. Carrion Luggage originally appeared in the collection, Island Dreams: Montreal Writers of the Fantastic in 2003. Usually I’m happy to use this website as a dumping ground for past material, but when I heard about the upcoming untitled anthology (now named Black Chaos: Tales of the Zombie) I thought this might tickle their fancy and offered them the rights. Everyone’s so eager to write new flesh-eating undead stories, the traditional voodoo zombie has become sadly neglected over the years. I figured this story might help fill a void.

blackchaoscoverblackchaosbackBlack Chaos is available in both print and e-book formats from outlets like Amazon. And if this puts you in the mood for a zombie movie or three, why not give the Romero derivatives a break and visit voodoo classics like White Zombie, I Walked with a Zombie, and The Serpent and the Rainbow for a change. I wish there were more entries in the meagre voodoo-zombie sub-genre to recommend, but after those three I’m already stumped. Okay, maybe, just maybe, Live and Let Die, but now I’m really stretching. Comment below if you know of any more.

2 thoughts on “Black Chaos

    • Well done. Cemetery Man not at all, but the others look very promising. No one said they had to be good. I used to go through the horror section of my video store, tape by tape, to watch everything in the genre. Quality considerations never entered into it.

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