Way Ahead Of Me

There hardly seems any point in making an official announcement. As industrious visitors to the site have already discovered for themselves, there’s a new section in the left-hand margin that leads to a collection of some of my screenplays. The selection is limited at the moment to one short film, three episodes of half-hour television, and two cartoons. More scripts will be added in the future as I try to showcase a variety of styles and formats. Generally, the ones presented will fall into one of two categories — “produced” or “unproduceable.”

The reason for this is simple. Scripts that have already been produced can’t very well be stolen. The end product is already out there, finished and viewable by the public, with all associated copyrights in place. As for the unproduced scripts, they’re largely material that has died on the vine. They may have been promising stories at one time, but now I can’t do anything with them because they involve other people’s characters or concepts in projects I don’t own. I was a gun for hire (who, in some cases, didn’t even get hired), and all I can do now is bemoan what might have been and offer to show my readers the leftover blueprints.

Then there are the screenplays that haven’t been sold or produced, but may yet have a chance. Some of these projects have been under option at various times, others have not. Unfortunately, they must all stay under wraps to remain viable properties. I can’t show them to you, but there exist dozens of others from categories A and B that I can post as downloadable PDF files from time to time. Many have interesting anecdotes to go with them, and a few are even pretty good. So if you want to read some more of my work, you’re interested in screenwriting, or you’re a producer I directed here to download writing samples, dig in.

I know better than to make empty promises about when the next batch will be up, but I’m working on making a few more fit for public display. And, just for the hell of it, I’ll leave you with this teaser… One of them is for an abandoned feature film project that proved to be the single biggest shitstorm of my career. So far, at least. A complete, scandal-laden blog will be in the offing when that screenplay finally goes online. It should prove to be quite the cautionary tale of dealing with non-union producers and other film-biz bottom feeders.

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