Ghoul: A Romance

The Dimestore Crime Stories promotion ends with this final spooky, creepy, dirty, nasty little ditty. Appropriate reading for the Halloween season. Just don’t let anyone looking over your shoulder catch you reading it. They’re likely to think you’re as twisted and disturbed as the author responsible for such an abomination.

A Foot in the Door/Dig Two Graves

I’m wrapping up the week with the final three tales in the Dimestore Crime Stories promotion on Patreon. Both “A Foot in the Door” and “Dig Two Graves” will appear in the upcoming collection, Petty Crimes and Vindictive Criminals. Back me for just one dollar and receive early access to all ten stories (basically half the book) today.The final hair-raising story will debut tomorrow! You won’t want to miss this one.


I was eight years old when I wrote my first hardboiled crime story.

It was about a police detective investigating the disappearance of a pregnant woman. At the end of the story he discovers she was murdered by her lover, who pushed her in front of a subway train. The impact had so thoroughly obliterated her body, the detective only deduces what happened by running his fingers across the lip of the platform and discovering the greasy crimson film of old blood.

This is what I thought happened to people when they fell in front of a subway train when I was eight years old. I know better now. In grislier detail than you would probably care to hear about.

I wish I still had the notebook with that story, and whatever horrified comments my teacher made in red marker across the margins. I wonder what sort of grade I got for it.

If any little boy wrote a story like that today, they’d have him jacked up on Ritalin and in for psychiatric evaluation so fast…

But it was the ‘70s, so they let it slide.

Now here I am today, over forty years later, still writing hardboiled crime stories. And I look at some of them and think, “This is not the product of a healthy mind.”

I’m about to publish twenty more shorts in the same vein. Some have me slightly concerned that authorities may be summoned to bring me in as a potential danger to myself or others.

If you would be so kind…

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Heed my cries for help before they lock me away in a padded room where I’ll have to write my next book on the walls of my cell with my own bodily fluids.

Lines on a Map

After his previous appearances in the anthologies Raw and Other Stories and Locked and Loaded, legendary fixer Derek Dunlan returns in an all-new adventure of extreme problem solving for the worst elements of the criminal underworld. Just remember, before you call him in to handle things: he’s the nuclear option.


Y’know, I’m way too mild-mannered a man to be writing fiction this mean and hard-boiled. I’m reminded of one producer who looked at my draft of a gangster miniseries we were worked on and commented something along the lines of, “You’d never know it to look at him, but sweet Jesus…”

I guess I have issues.

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