Pushed Out of the Nest

There comes a point when you just have to stop tinkering with a text. It’s hard when that text is running close to 144k words of epic fantasy and there’s so much to tinker with.

To give you some context, that’s longer than either The Two Towers or Return of the King. It would even be longer than The Fellowship of the Ring if J. R. R. Tolkien had had the sense to cut out all that Tom Bombadil bullshit.

Epitaph is now the single largest project I’ve ever worked on. A direct sequel to Necropolis, it picks up the narrative of The Necromancer Thanatography right where we left off—except it’s three years later and a lot has changed. Readers of the first volume will know why it might have taken so long for our protagonist to pick up the pieces, but I won’t get into spoilers here.

It’s been two years since the last book came out, and it’s felt like multiples of that amount of time. My plan to finish and release the book in 2018 was thwarted by 2018 being a personal dumpster fire that fell off the side of a cliff and remains, to this day, smoking at the bottom of a rocky embankment, waiting for me to climb down, piss on it, and put it out forever. Yeah, it was one of those years.

Epitaph was my escape. It occupied my mind, gave me a purpose, a reason to go on. I needed this book like I needed oxygen to breathe. I wouldn’t be here without it.

But, y’know, the book’s real funny and shit. So, uh, laugh it up!

And it’s got vampires in it. Nasty, horrible, awful, stinky vampires that DO NOT SPARKLE.

I feel like I should have that somewhere in the tagline. “It’s got vampires!” Because people do like their vampires. And some people—like me—want their vampires to be as repulsive as possible. None of those sexy Euro-trash assholes. Give me putrid, vile, undead monsters, dammit!

The ebook is now available on Amazon. The paperback edition is currently being designed and will be out in the coming weeks. I might have released both versions simultaneously, but if I sat on the book any longer, it might never have hatched.

This is something of a soft-launch period, during which I’m only telling people who read the blog and follow me on social media that the book is out at all. A larger, more formal announcement is planned for next week, along with a bigger promotional push for the series.

I’ll need something to distract me from all this formatting and promo-booking crap. I guess that’s where Book Three comes in.

It’s called The Boneyard, and I’m 21,389 words in.

So far.