Data Dump

Yet again…

Sex Tape is part of a multi-author promotion. I figure most people reading this will have long-since grabbed a copy from past promos, so I mostly mention it to support other authors on the list. Check out the link and see if there’s a mystery or thriller that entices you. This weekend, they’re all only a buck. (NB: Amazon U.K. has the right sale price for Sex Tape, Amazon U.S. continues to lag as of this writing).

From the archives:

A page of notes from a conference I attended years ago—back when Sex Tape was a Telefilm Canada-backed project and I was trying to come up with a logline. The doodles may give you some indication of how much I was enjoying the conference.

Early Sex Tape material, still recognizable in the final product, though some lines were rewritten.

Also of note, in Sherlockian Land…

Japanese reprints of The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories are pending as those volumes continue to make the global rounds. TV shows I’ve written for have been translated into dozens of languages, but this marks my first print foray into Japanese. I may well never see a physical copy of it in my hands (much like the edition from India), but it’s nice to know it’s out there.

Meanwhile, Part VI is available for pre-order. My story, “The Adventure of the Cat’s Claws” figures prominently in what promises to be the biggest collection yet.

That’s enough news for now, but I’ll tease you with one final thing—one particular piece of news the majority of people who come here have been waiting for. A certain comic book series of a particular minimalist style may be returning shortly. For real this time. Considering my name is now on a contract and payment is on the way, I’d better follow through.

More soon. Just let me publish Necropolis first.

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