Sex Tape Tenth Anniversary Already?

My novel, Sex Tape, is purposely ambiguous about when it takes place. There are hints, suggestions, and conflicting clues throughout. Mostly it can only be pinpointed to “somewhere in the first decade of the 21st century.”

Since then, I’ve been working on other stories from the same criminal timeline, including the subsequent cases of shabby detective, Sid Volke. The next novel in his personal history specifically happens the following year, and loosely ties in with events from my novella, Filmography. As a result, I’ve had to admit to myself that, all cute games aside, Sex Tape now unfolds throughout a very precise set of dates at the end of 2007. Hockey-match and unseasonable-weather specifics notwithstanding (such historical facts are now officially fudged for the sake of my narrative) I’ve come to realize that Alexandra Middleton’s plane touched down in Montreal exactly ten years ago today. By this time tonight, she would have already witnessed the murder that set her on her path of holiday mystery-thriller-comedy-romance-high jinx that climaxed less than a week later, on New Years Eve.

All this to say that now would be an appropriate time to crack open your own copy of Sex Tape and give it a read. Amazon and Goodreads reviews are encouraged and welcomed. A grand total of 1762 eBook editions were downloaded during last month’s Christmas giveaway, so I know there are a lot of copies floating around out there. It’s a no-brainer to grab an eBook while it’s free, but it’s quite another thing to actually sit down and take the time to read it. So far I’ve been contacted by a few freebie fans who were delighted with their $0.00 purchase and want more more more (that they’ll be willing to pay for this time).

More is in the works. Sid Volke will return. I don’t like to make promises, but 2017 is set to be awash with new material from Eyestrain Productions, including at least three novels. One of them will almost certainly be Corpus Christi Catwalk: The Sid Volke Casebook Volume 2. FOLLOW the blog to get the news as it becomes available.

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