Three Missing Years

holmesawayfromhome1We’re down to the final few days of the Kickstarter for Holmes Away from Home: Adventures from the Great Hiatus. I’m excited for this two-volume collection, and wanted to take this last opportunity to suggest, if you’re interested in reading all about what Sherlock Holmes got up to during his faked-death episode, that you back the project now. Funding has been met, but you’ll benefit from getting the books first and cheaper than anyone else.holmesawayfromhome2

The most recent Kickstarter update features a mini interview with me about The Adventure of the Melting Man, my second Wiggins story to date (with more pending). So far, each of these short stories has proved to be a fun diversion and research project away from my usual topics of morbidity and gallows humour. Running around Victorian London with some of the most famous characters in detective-fiction history is a mini holiday for me, before I get back to the grind of writing about my own original creations.

Speaking of which…

The official launch of Sex Tape, starring Sid Volke, the shabbiest of all slob private detectives, is almost upon us. I’m setting up some final promotions that will coincide with the next big Self Publishing Roundtable multi-author giveaway. This one is Christmas themed, and since Sex Tape is a mystery/thriller that specifically takes place over the holidays, my new tawdry crime-comedy is wedged into the middle of the pack of holly and jolly romance, erotica and shifter-bear novels. There are other genres sticking out of the scrum like sore thumbs as well, so check the list. You’ll find something up your alley, or down your chimney.

It will all be free this weekend, starting Friday. If you can’t possibly wait that long, Sex Tape is currently on Amazon for the reduced launch price of $0.99. Or you can read it for free right now if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber.

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