A Scary Week Ahead

Like an exploding pumpkin sending pulpy orange shrapnel everywhere, next week promises to be the messiest wave of publishing in the history of Eyestrain Productions thus far.

sextapeebookcoverSex Tape will make its eBook debut on Amazon, becoming my first official novel despite the existence of Filmography. Filmography, you see, is only a novella, whereas Sex Tape is indisputably a novel. There are well-defined technical differences between the formats that mostly come down to word count. I won’t get into novelettes which, as far as I’m concerned, are only short stories with delusions of grandeur.

hotpenniesebookThen we have Hot Pennies, which is a novelette (dammit!) concerning horrible, nasty Halloween pranks, Just in time for the candy-giving pagan festivities, it’s out right now and available for purchase. Next week, however, it will be part of a big Halloween promotional package organized by the Self-Publishing Roundtable. More on that when the time comes, but there will be a shit-ton of themed eBooks up for grabs, all at once.

silentscreamscoverThe Silent Screams anthology has revealed its final design, which specifically names me on the cover as one of the contributors. Y’know, because I’m such a big draw. After a year-long delay, this book is due out shortly before Halloween, and is full of dark and creepy stories of injustice and exploitation. My story, Raw (another one of those novelettes!?!), will compete with the others to see which short story (or novelette) will prove to be the most disturbing.

The same week all this other stuff is coming out, we’re also going to see the launch of the Kickstarter for Holmes Away from Home from Belanger Books. This is the new Sherlock Holmes anthology I’m taking part in following The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories. The two volumes in the collection will be filled with stories about the missing years between Holmes’s faked death at the Reichenbach Falls and his reappearance on Baker Street just in time to capture Colonel Sebastian Moran. My story, The Adventure of the Melting Man, will close the collection of all-new material, detailing what happened on that final day before the detective’s survival was revealed to the world. And guess what. It’s long enough to be considered a novelette.

Like I said, delusions of grandeur.

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