Grave-robbing for Fun and Profit

Filmography, in case you missed it, is back to zero dollars and zero cents on Amazon, from now until October 2nd.

Now’s the time to grab a copy for free while you can. I’ve blown through my five promotional days, and won’t be able to have a sale or a giveaway again for quite some time — assuming I ever do. While Filmography has offered me another valuable learning experience, it’s on to the next book, which is currently in eBook draft mode, waiting for me to hit the “publish” button just as soon as I’m satisfied with it.

Incidentally, I’m already looking for readers who will want a free advanced copy of that novel — Sex Tape — in exchange for an early honest review on Amazon. Contact me if you’re interested. More information about the sordid history of this next tawdry tale I’m publishing will be forthcoming shortly.FilmographyeBookcoverWebsite

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