An Entire Career for Nothing

The eBook of Filmography is now up on Amazon in what has, thus far, been a stealthy soft launch. Before going wide, shilling its release across more platforms, I’m giving people who follow me on Facebook and Twitter, and those who read the blog, a chance to get their hands on it first.

For free.

Today only, you can grab yourself a copy for your Kindle (or Kindle software) for nothing at all. After that, it goes right back to its exorbitant price of three bucks. So act fast and save yourself as much as twelves quarters (fifteen in Canada).

Any reviews you’d care to leave on Amazon and/or Goodreads will help tremendously in the algorithm battle for the attention of potential readers, so please take a moment to click a star rating and type a couple of words once you’ve had a look at my latest opus. Literally two words can count as a full review. Just ask the insightful reader who deemed my collection of Red Baron articles, frequently reprinted and referenced over the past twenty years, “poorly written” and gave it one star. A special shout-out to him, in particular. Thank you!

No, I’m quite serious. Thank you.

A few bad reviews from the transparently inarticulate actually adds balance to a rating of any book. If there’s nothing but praise and five-star reviews, readers will correctly detect something fishy—as in the case of some novels that brag “Over 800 five-star reviews!” Right. All of them honestly earned as per Amazon’s terms of use, no doubt.

So keep your opinions honest, well reasoned and, hopefully, out of the troll mosh pit. Those people may add balance, but I don’t want to see them tip the boat either.

Filmography now sits atop my author page as it (hopefully not too briefly) outsells the rest of my credits.

Filmography now sits atop my author page as it (hopefully not too briefly) outsells the rest of my credits.

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