Things That Go Bump in the Road

Bumps in the Road, the new horror anthology from Black Bed Sheet Books, is out on Kindle as of today. Physical copies will be available to order shortly. Leading off the series of stories about terrible things happening on the road is my ditty, “The Last Seven Miles and Home.” Like my recent work on Betty Fedora Issue Two, I have the opening story. Unlike “Heads Will Roll” for Betty, you can actually read the entirety of “The Last Seven Miles and Home” by clicking on the Amazon preview.bumpscover

I would encourage you, however, to go ahead and buy the book so you can read the whole thing. Because royalties! And other authors! And horror stories! Plus it’s my fault that “The Experience” by Michael Brodie gets to close the book. He’s an old pal who sent me that story to read months ago, and I was the one who said, “Hey, there’s this horror anthology coming out with a road theme. This might fit.”

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