Short News About Short Stories

The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories has reached its secondary goal of £10,000 in their Kickstarter campaign. Although they now have all the cash they were shooting for, you can still merrily contribute in order to get your copies of the three-volume set (or any individual volume) in a format of your choice before anyone else, including the major retailers.

Interviews with the authors of Volume One (myself included) has appeared on I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere. This will be followed by two more sets of interviews for Volumes Two and Three. Check them out if you want to see what makes a bunch of Sherlockians tick. Or if you care to read whatever I blathered on about for “The Song of the Mudlark.”

In other anthology news, my next story, “When the Trains Run on Time,” will be featured in Exile Editions’ The Playground of Lost Toys this fall. Co-editor Colleen Anderson was recently discussing the book and its lineup on her blog. No cover art yet (which is one of the issues she writes about), but I remain watchful. New cover art for a publication I’m in always tickles me.

More announcements are queued up, but I’m stuck waiting for official announcements, air dates and/or contracts. You know, the usual bottlenecks.