So Long As The Germans Still Love Me

It’s the last day of the month and time for one of my patented last-minute updates, all in the name of getting at least one blog out in the month of March.

The big news is Sex Tape. I’d call it MY Sex Tape, but that sounds like I got drunk at a frat party, passed out, and was cell-phone videoed getting tea-bagged by a Harvard freshman with a daddy-paid tuition and homoerotic issues he never addressed with his child psychologist.

No, Sex Tape is my feature film project that continues to be backed by Telefilm. The first round was all about preparing an outline and a couple of sample scenes. Since then, the project has been selected to go to first draft, now with a producer attached and a lot more money in the pot.

Rest assured all you Canadian tax payers who balk at your bucks going to support me writing some dirty movie with a dirty title about dirty doings, the money isn’t really mine to keep. Not quite. If my crassly commercial script goes on to sell and get in the production mill, I have to pay Telefilm back out of the proceeds. On the bright side, if the screenplay doesn’t get picked up and all my months of effort go to waste, I won’t owe anybody a penny. It kinda makes you root for failure. Much less hassle in failure.

Sex Tape Execution makes it sound like a snuff film. Way to endear the Harper government even more.

Speaking of hope in failure, I’ve been tempering the many congratulations on my making the WGC Awards this year with my mantra, “Third time’s the charm.” I’ve made the finals once before. This, being the second time, I figure I’m bound to lose come the April 20th show. But NEXT time, I will TOTALLY kick ass.

In very breaking news (as in I just found out about this two minutes ago), I got an order for the Longshot Comics Special Limited Edition Album from Kristiaan, a designer in Amsterdam, and he mentioned, “I saw a lecture about your work last week in Berlin, on the Pictoplasma-festival (a festival about character-design). I never heard about your work before (shame on me) but I think the idea of a comic with just dots as characters is totally brilliant!!”

This is the first I’ve heard of Pictoplasm, but Longshot Comics has become the subject of more and more academia over the years, appeared in several books about graphics novels, one museum exhibit, and now a lecture. Not bad for a bunch of period-piece dots killing each other off for king and country, having illicit sexual encounters that are too small to see, and being ignorant racists.

4 thoughts on “So Long As The Germans Still Love Me

  1. This won’t make you anymore $$ or fame, but you will be please to know that the Pucca DVD we have has rented enough to pay for itself…

  2. “Not bad for a bunch of period-piece dots killing each other off for king and country, having illicit sexual encounters that are too small to see, and being ignorant racists.”

    Why not? It worked for the British in real life too.

  3. What “Shane’s Asshole Friend” fails to mention is that he (along with one other less-assholey friend) was the first person I read Longshot Comics material to the day after I had my great epiphany and scribbled down ten pages of material that would eventually become the infamous dot comic. If he hadn’t laughed so hard, it might never have happened.

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