Drawing Words, Writing Pictures

Some of the recent surge of new interest in Longshot Comics has been academic. I’ve been contacted about having my dots discussed in a few books on the subject of graphic novels and experimental sequential art (read “weird comics”). One of them is the remarkable nuts-to-bolts look at what goes into creating a comic book, Drawing Words & Writing Pictures by Jessica Abel and Matt Madden. An excerpt from The Failed Promise of Bradley Gethers makes an appearance on page nine, right between clips of Matt Feazell and John Porcellino. My comp copy showed up in the mail a couple of days ago, but your very own copy is waiting for you in bookstores on and offline. Amazon is selling it on its various sites for about twenty bucks, which is a nice price for a big album-sized book full of pretty pictures and indispensable information.Drawing Words and Writing PicturesLongshot Comics excerpt

As a closing bit of comics news, I wanted to run this photo someone snapped at the last comic jam. If you’d care to complain about the black and white, grainy aesthetics that make it look like a still frame from Bolex footage of a rare Sasquatch sighting back in 1973, don’t blame me. I’m not that handy with Photoshop.June 2008 Montreal Comic Jam

Pictured left to right, Jeff LeBlanc, Shane Simmons, and the mighty elbow of Marr.

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