So What Have You Been Up To Lately?

The blog entries have slowed down to one a month, and usually appear on the last possible day of that month. What can I say? The cartoon writing schedule has been pretty constant this year. The final tally, for those of you keeping score, is seven more episodes of Pucca for next season, and five Ricky Sprockets.

Still no word when and where Pucca is going to run in Canada, even though the rest of the world is already enjoying it in a million difference languages. But Ricky is on the way right about…NOW!

Teletoon has already premiered an episode online. The lower tech among us, however, can watch the first broadcast episode on one of those oldie-timey television gizmos this afternoon at 4:30. Yeah, I bet you already missed it. That’s what you get for not checking my website for updates every ten minutes.

The regular schedule will begin on September 8th. I expect my episodes will be tucked well back in the run since I only started writing for the show late in the production. The rough cuts looked promising and I eagerly anticipate the DVD they’re going to cut for me later this year.

I’d tell you about the new show I’m working on, but I have to get my ass in front of a TV to watch Ricky in the next few minutes. And hey, shouldn’t you be hurrying off to watch Ricky Sprocket, Showbiz Boy right about now too? Stop reading this crap and get going!

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