Longshotini Italiano

The contracts have been signed, so it’s fair game to announce that another foreign translation of Longshot Comics: The Long and Unlearned Life of Roland Gethers is scheduled for publication sometime in 2007.

The German edition won awards and accolades several years ago and remains listed on Amazon.de. A Spanish translation was also in the works around the same time, but that one petered out before the deal was finalized with the publishing house that pitched the project to me.

Now we have an Italian edition in the works that will follow the square-bound design of the German edition fairly closely. This marks the first time I’ve signed a contract that specifically lists Vatican City as one of the territories covered by the terms to the agreement. I’ll keep you posted as we get closer to a print date and we have a brand new version of my epic graphic dot-novel that you can share with all your friends in your local Little Italy.

On an unrelated note, astute web heads may have noticed that my battered and beleaguered forum page is down. Down for the count, in fact. Mercilessly bombarded by spammers, there seems to be no point keeping it afloat. Any and all worthwhile information contained on those pages will eventually be salvaged and moved to a more permanent, unassailable section of the website. There are a number of other fixes and additions planned for the new year, including some never-seen-before content from deep in the Eyestrain archives. Stay tuned.

For those of you who still feel the need to post something to the site, the blog comment feature remains ready, willing and able. The spammer shock troops still haven’t figured a way around the new security options there. Yet.

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