The Cartoon Crush

My office looks like it’s been bombed. No, I haven’t been a victim of the latest self-indulgent trend of disenfranchised youth who have decided that blowing themselves up is an even better way of shocking the system than getting a really bad haircut. Rather, I’ve just been a slob. Papers, notes and discs are stacked high all around me and threaten to collapse with the force of a redwood being felled.

So I’m finally getting some order back in my life. My fingers are black from going through all the dusty newspaper clippings people keep handing me on a variety of subjects they think I’ll find interesting. They’re as diverse as Artie Shaw’s obituary, urls for the latest in online fanboy flicks, and details about a replica of Billy Bishop’s SE.5a used in The Aviator. The useful ones are being filed, the fleeting diversions are filling the recycling bin.

It’s going to be a long hard climb out from under the mountain of paperwork that includes illegible notes to myself, business expense accounting, and screenplay proofs. Oh, there are lots of those these days. The Eyestrain mill has been churning at full force, working on three different TV shows at once.

You already know about Paddywhacking. Last week was devoured by another session of meetings that, thankfully, took place in Montreal this time. A few dozen more drafts and I think we might finally be able to nail down exactly what the show is supposed to be. Something about Irish mobsters, I imagine. That or an afternoon cooking show hosted by Regis Philbin. Flip a coin, it could go either way.

Pucca was covered in the last entry. I’ve written five of those so far and continue to jockey for more. But there’s another, newer, animated show I’m on now that I haven’t mentioned yet. This one is called Yam Roll, and unless I’m very much mistaken, this will prove to be the all-time greatest television program about talking sushi in the history of the medium. Have you ever seen such a compelling, true-to-life depiction of articulate raw Japanese delicacies? I think not.

Yam RollI’m not the only one who’s been jumping into animation with both feet lately. Ashes to Ashes director, Mike Stamm, has recently resurfaced with his new project, Ebon. In his ever widening search to find the most expensive city in the world to live in, Stamm has relocated from Tokyo to New York — specifically Roosevelt Island, which was recently featured prominently in the American remake of Dark Water. I can only hope his new apartment is nicer and considerably less haunted. There he’s working on his solo epic which should challenge his obsessive-madman work ethic I admire so much.

I can hardly fathom the amount of man-hours Mike has laid out before himself. I’ve lacked the juice to finish a new Longshot Comic for years, and his project makes my dot comics look like an afternoon of tinkering with an etch-a-sketch. I’ll just have to excuse myself with the usual bullshit. It’s hard to concentrate on my own material when I have to turn around drafts for other people in less than a day. Lame, I know, but true enough. In fact, why am I even bothering to update this bloody blog? I have two drafts due over the next couple of days and I haven’t even read the notes yet. Time is so short, I don’t even have enough time to finish this sen

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