The Kitchen Is Now Closed

So much news, so few updates. I should make a resolution to write little one-paragraph updates when something happens instead of waiting weeks and composing an epic to cover all the bases. I really should make that resolution. But I’d probably ignore it and go on doing what I’m doing, so why bother?

Fries With That? is over and done with. YTV isn’t ordering another season. The show now exists in a television netherworld. It isn’t cancelled. Quite the contrary, they’ll run it for years to come. But we won’t be making any more of them. Those same fifty-two episodes will play over and over again until anyone who watches the show regularly will have seen them dozens of times.

I went through the same thing with M*A*S*H when I was a kid. I saw them all so many times I can’t even look at the show now, even with the tempting DVD releases that offer the opportunity to watch it without the god-awful laugh track. But at least there were eleven years worth of episodes to go through as it ran five times a day (literally) when I was watching them in high school. Not so with Fries, which will have a much shorter shelf life I expect.

With all my remaining episode ideas dying on the vine, my greatest hope for the show now is that other networks out there will continue to buy broadcast rights well past the five-year buyout. That’s when I get to see some royalty cash, and there’s nothing I like better than to be paid money for something I wrote years ago and can hardly remember. Believe me, I savor every one of those three cents I get for the Student Bodies clip show episode each time a cheque shows up. I hope to one day get enough pennies out of that particular royalty to buy a stick of gum. It may yet happen while I still have teeth in my head to chew it.

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