The Ticking Clock

I had the best of intentions, with all sorts of updates I wanted to add and things I wanted to talk about. But the clock has run out. Another trip to Ireland is upon me. I’m on the red-eye to Heathrow tonight, and then on to Dublin for heated debates concerning the second draft of the miniseries. By Friday, we’ll have reinvented the show half a dozen times (as opposed to the usual even dozen) and we’ll be another step or two closer to figuring out what it is exactly we want to put in front of the cameras. I don’t expect I’ll go into the same gory detail as to my activities when I get back again, but I’ve been booked for a trip outside the city limits for one day so I might get into some trouble worth reporting. A digital camera will also be making the trip, so expect more photos.

Among the updates I’ve failed miserably to complete are the movie night minutes. I have, however, added a few episodes to the forum lately, and should be able to finish them off once I’m back. I know you’re all dying to find out what shit we forced ourselves to sit through over the holidays. Sadly, I’ll be thousands of miles away from whatever the gang decides to view this Wednesday. That means, if my accounting is accurate, I no longer hold the single greatest attendance record for the event. I must now share that title with Eric, who tends to show up for a lot of movie nights because they conveniently take place in his home. I’ll have to find some way to drive him away in the coming weeks to damage his average. More episodes of Strangers With Candy might fit the bill.

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