The City That Never Wakes

We’re still a few weeks shy of the launch date, but why should that stop me from writing a blog entry that will be languishing in the archives before the website even has a single visitor? This is where all my friends and fans will be able to come to read what it is I’ve been up to, and what projects I have ready to unleash upon the world. Yes, all four of you will enjoy my semi-regular updates and musings right up until my interest starts to wane and I leave this url to rot in cyberspace, a time capsule of old ideas and stale news, sustained only by a few accidental search engine hits and an annual domain registration fee.

What passes for news this week is my triumphant return from a fabulous, fun-filled trip to thrill-a-minute Toronto, the entertainment capital of the Toronto/North York area. There, I gleefully fed the great Canadian economy by partaking in local overpriced cuisine, local overpriced merchandise, and local overpriced public transportation (on the two occasions I didn’t walk my cheap ass to where I wanted to go). Ah, the sights, the sounds, the glorious din of condo construction! I even had several brushes with greatness, like when I passed David Cronenberg’s house and saw a shadow in the window that might well have been his housekeeper, or later when I was strolling near the CBC building and saw one of the Newsworld people just walking down the street. You know, the blonde one. Woman. Not so attractive. No, the other not-so-attractive one. Yeah, her! Jealous?

I was mostly in Toronto to take a few meetings concerning film and television projects that may be panning out for me in the new year. You’ll know more when I know more. Until then, tour the rest of the site and enjoy all the cool features I worked on for minutes at a time.

2 thoughts on “The City That Never Wakes

  1. Ah, the cynical eye (ear, nose & throat) at work. “Toronto the Monstrous!” Save us al from it.

    Love your POV. Keep ’em coming, fer sure… fer sure.


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