Interesting vintage pulp fiction can be gathered at dirt-cheap prices for the connoisseur willing to pick through endless piles of paperback trash at garage sales, church bazaars and estate clearances. For those less patient, plenty more can be had for higher premiums online and at savvy second-hand shops. Shane has accumulated hundreds of specimens with a particular focus on the mystery and crime genres. The more lurid the title and artwork, the better. Few of these forgotten novels are actually worth reading, but the cover paintings are often minor masterpieces of exploitation unto themselves. Many of these books should, despite popular wisdom, be judged by their covers. Because the covers are as good as most of them are ever going to get.

Certain obvious themes crop up again and again so, for clarity’s sake, covers are grouped by topic rather than publisher, author or artist. Artists are noted when their work is credited, which it frequently isn’t. Apologies are extended to the handful of late great authors who, once again, find themselves lumped into the same heap as some of the lowliest hacks of their era. Check the blog for notifications of new additions.

Bad Drivers


Brutalized Women

Corpses and Crime Scenes

Femme Fatales


Frightened Females

Girls with Guns

Interracial Intercourse

Lechery and Voyeurism


Naughty Girls

Pain and Pistol Whippings

Tough Guys

Weird Science

Yellow Peril