Like-minded people (i.e. cynics, misanthropes, hermits and the gallow-humoured) may enjoy the work of some of these other artists and commentators I appreciate and endorse. Yes, there are a great many other people I could point you at, but these are ones who have an active web presence and regular updates that make checking out their sites fruitful.

Sean Bieri is an old small-press cohort who continues to draw wonderful and hilarious comics.

Rachel Bloom consistently makes the funniest music videos this side of The Lonely Island guys. Now she’s starring in her own TV show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

The Cinémasochist celebrates the transcendent experience of watching terrible films as a form of mental self-flagellation and enlightenment.

James Corbett gives us a sense of what the news media might be like if it actually asked smart questions, didn’t answer to huge corporations, and refused to pander to idiots.

Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw provides the fastest and funniest video game reviews on the web in convenient stick-figure film format.

Evan Dorkin is a fellow veteran of Slave Labor Graphics who is manically funny both on the page and in person.

Don Hertzfeldt is my favourite animator in the world, and one of my favourite filmmakers period.

Luke Hodorowicz astonished the video game industry by branching out to create one of the most sublime city-builders ever devised, entirely by himself. Banished is the first of his solo game projects, but he promises much more to come.

Jake Johannsen has long been my favourite stand-up comedian, ever since I saw him do five brilliant minutes about toasters on Letterman decades ago. Good comedy isn’t just about timing, it’s about structure, and Jake builds his tangential bits like a master architect.

Miranda July is what I would call an omni-media artist and is therefore hard to define.

Mark Kermode is the only film critic in the world I actually respect. Mostly because he earned his doctorate writing about horror movies. A film critic who likes and understands horror movies? Yes, there is such a thing. But his reviews and rants about non-horror movies are also amusing, passionate, and often spot-on.

Chuck Palahniuk has a sense of humour so dark, I keep meeting people who don’t even realize he writes comedy.

Red Letter Media provides the film-nerd hangout experience I crave when the film nerds in my life aren’t available.