Fresh Sushi

There’s news on the Yam Roll front. At least it’s news to me, since I only went looking for some sort of update yesterday. It seems everyone’s favourite cab-driving super-hero piece of sushi now has his own website, complete with demo reel.

The show’s premiere is February 6 at 4:30 pm on the CBC with two episodes (15 minutes each) running back-to-back. When mine will air is a complete unknown at this point. I guess I’ll just have to watch and see like the rest of the world.

Normally, whenever my morbid curiosity allows me, I avoid the AICN talkback. It’s full of puerile, crass, opinionated bullshit from a bunch of sanctimonious film geeks. Seeing as I have plenty of my own puerile and crass bullshit opinions, I don’t need to go looking for more. But sometimes I just can’t look away, especially when there’s a new tidbit about that fourth Indiana Jones movie that’s been in development since before the Earth cooled and the oceans formed. It will never happen, but I’m glad Lucas and Spielberg continue to flog that dead horse because the anti-buzz it generates is so damned amusing.

I’m a sucker for joke Indiana Jones titles that make fun of how old Harrison Ford is and the fact that he hasn’t made a good movie in twenty years. I didn’t read a single word of this talkback‘s content, but the titles made me spit my morning cup of tea all over my keyboard. See if you can guess which one made me lose it for ten minutes straight.

7 thoughts on “Fresh Sushi

  1. U mean Indy Welby, F.D.*


    (wow, this really shows MY age!)

    Look, this would-be movie is languishing in the same hell as The Prisoner. Too bad…

    Ur mother-in-law

  2. And btw, what do u mean, “made me spit my morning cup of tea all over my keyboard”?! Ur never up in the morning!

    Ur mother-in-law

    aka “Why don’t u get a real job?! ;-))”

  3. A footnote to this post… Turns out the half-hour slot is actually a grab-bag of CBC minishows. Yam Roll is the centre piece, opening the slot with a short and ending with a full-length cartoon. Hey, I just write this stuff. I never have any idea what the broadcasters are actually going to do with the material.

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